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Frank Burnside Kingsbury was born 1868 in Michigan and died 1960 in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. He was a successful published author of many books relating to New Hampshire history and genealogy of its citizens. Mr. Kingsbury wintered in Moss Bluff, Florida and compiled information on the Moss Bluff area history and residents between 1938 and 1941. This manuscript, The History of Moss Bluff, Florida, 1835-1942 was never published although Mr. Kingsbury tried for many years to have it published. The manuscript eventually found a home in The Historical Society of Cheshire County, NH. In January of 2022 the original manuscript and addendum was given to the Marion County Genealogical Society and is now available for researchers in a searchable PDF format on this Website. Click one of the links at the bottom of this page, then press Ctrl +F (Windows) or Cmd +F (Mac) and enter the surname you're looking for. NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader to access these pages. It can be downloaded for free at

This document is divided into three sections for ease in viewing/downloading. The documents Parts A, B, and C are large files so please allow time for the document to download. Be sure to access and read the index for each part. This will help you understand the document.

Click HERE to access Part A index: Click HERE to access Part A Document

Click HERE to access Part B index: Click HERE to access Part B Document

Click HERE to access Part C index: Click HERE to access Part C Document